Our 2019-2020 season will feature artists working in a variety of disciplines, united by bringing unique visions and bold creativity to the art of comedy.  Tickets are available now!


September 28, 2019
Bryant Lake Bowl

Two fearless comedic polymaths appear together for an unpredictable evening of stand-up comedy in Live from the Gutter. Jamie Loftus brings her “absurdism for the modern woman” (FORBES) and Sarah Sherman (AKA Sarah Squirm) continues her “never-ending mission to find and celebrate the beauty of the grotesque and weird (VULTURE).”


November 1, 2019
The Phoenix Theater

Take note: this may be the last time we will all be assembled together—some of us might die someday. Lorelei Ramirez's playful morbidity seeps through in this multi-media comedy special, which invites us all to be unsettled together in this unsettling moment. Crafting at the intersection of art and comedy, Lorelei perverts the familiar and profanes the sacred—all in pursuit of one last laugh.